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We are a restaurant website design, restaurant marketing, and web hosting platform.

We specialize in building tasty food & drinks sites for various types of the food businesses.

Let us help make your digital presence as tasty as your food business.

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Whenever you launch your new restaurant website design. You can either go with the traditional “.com” or you can choose one of the new brand specific domain name extensions below:

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Not saying we have the best small business blog about eateries out there or anything, but um. You’re more than likely not serious about running a successful food & drink business if you’re not reading it.

That’s all we’re saying.

Restaurant web design, local SEO, digital and social media marketing are covered by industry experts specializing in the food and beverage space.

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Hello world! This is Flavory

How it all got started. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nulla viverra dui a sapien molestie vulputate. Cras a dui sapien. Phasellus non dui ligula. Quisque quis [...]

Restaurant website & marketing solutions

restaurant website
Restaurant Website

Site Flavor is a restaurant website design, restaurant website builder, and restaurant web hosting platform wrapped all in one. The ultimate purpose of Site Flavor is to simplify many of the pain points restaurant owners struggle with when creating a restaurant website.

Site Flavor streamlines everything from start to finish. Such as restaurant web design, restaurant reservations, online orders, food menu building, social media integrations and much more.

Site Flavor is the solution you’ve been searching for.

restaurant website
Restaurant Website

Design Flavor is the first ever streamlined graphic design service for restaurants.

When it comes to telling the story of your restaurant, bar, cafe or bakery. It’s going to take more than just having a nice restaurant website. You’ll also need to present your business in the best light at all times through design.

Get everything from, menu design, displays, flyers, business cards, social media page and banner designs all created, printed and delivered through a single platform.

restaurant website
Restaurant Website

So you have your awesome restaurant website and designs but what about marketing? Brand Flavor is the first ever restaurant marketing service.

As a restaurant owner, you are extremely busy. Not only do they have to run your restaurant, you have to deal with staffing, inventory, rent and a variety of other real world problems.

Brand Flavor lightens the load by handling all internet related aspects of your business. Social media management, advertising, getting traffic to your website, list building, reputation management and much more.