Food Delivery Industry Breakdown, 10 Things Restaurant Owners Need To Know

The race for offering food delivery has soared within the past few years but has recently hit a wall. Restaurants have put a lot of effort into planning and executing mobile [...]


Restaurant Branding: The Living

In February 2015, my girlfriend Jorine and I started our own organic deli in the middle of our hometown of Delft, The Netherlands. Born out of a love for good [...]


Restaurant Branding: Flor de Viento

From time to time, we come across some amazing branding work done for smaller restaurants that make them appear larger than life. Offering a unique aesthetic and experience that is [...]


Tips For Opening a Delivery-only Restaurant

Recently, delivery-only or virtual restaurants have increased in popularity, especially in major cities like New York, Chicago, and the Bay Area. With the rise in social media; a variety of [...]


This Will Definitely Draw a Big Crowd to Your Cocktail Hour

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Hello world! This is Flavory

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